[I put this up on Facebook etc. back in June, but pasting in here, as I’m winding up work on the record, just to fill in some bit of the back-story, I guess, on why this has all taken so long, been so hard bla bla bla…]


Being in a band, besides being comic past a certain point, is akin to running a very small family business, like say a hardware store (if you actually made your own hardware, weren’t actually family, were expected to tour after the new hammer came out, etc. [analogy collapses]. Ok, it’s not about the hardware, it’s about the ‘family' part).

Last year, after a period of some 3 or 4 years of some of us not speaking with others (including myself here), three of us got together and hashed out a lot of, for lack of a better word, poop. There was yelling, three middle-aged adults at times crying. You know, the usual.

So with these last mixes finishing now, yesterday we finally followed up last year's get-together with a four-way phoner - with all of us living literally in different parts of the globe, we hadn’t all four spoken together, let alone hung out, in, I don’t know…years.

And it was good. Very good.

So for the few following all this along here, and again it probably sounds strange from the outside, but I’m again excited to be thinking in terms of “band” stuff, THIS band; that it seems like these songs will indeed come out as one piece, one album, and that it’ll say ‘the wrens’ on the cover; that they’ll be played live at at least some shows and by & with these other band geeks, whom I love. “Whom”? That I love..? Whichever…family.

To the finish line.