Has it really been 13 months since I last posted?

Here's a photo I took in Japan for absolutely no reason

Here's a photo I took in Japan for absolutely no reason

Anyway, I hesitate to say, partially because it hardly matters in the bigger picture, especially the current political one, but...of the last batch of songs that needed more re-re-re-etc.-re-work after going to mastering last fall, I finished the last one & sent it off yesterday.

It's also that I do realize I've said this before so understandably the "it's finally done" message gets a little tiring (trust me, you can't imagine how tired I am of it, times some unimaginable googolplex math for my wife). This is a little different though, though mostly for reasons not worth getting into. But with whoever said it first in mind, that "a poem/work of art is never finished, only abandoned" (which I thought was Eliot but Googling says Valery; for it being a work of art that's abandoned, Google says DaVinci and even E.M. Forster), I've tried to abandon it before, at different lines I've drawn for different reasons in the sand, but finally, it's as close to 'done' as I can get it. 
So finally, with acceptance, abandoned!

But this post isn't even about the album per se, in some sort of announcement sense, or certainly not anymore. It's almost entirely just a personal, getting-life-together update (by putting this behind me). More on a par with, 'hey, I graduated night school' or 'I've gotten a new job" or "I've finished years of work on a rock record in my 50s". 

Why it took so long - 6 1/2 years, each ranging from 'less than satisfying' to profoundly unfun - also isn't worth getting into or at least not now. That answer lies at the intersection of Complicated & Deathly Boring, a place no one really needs to go. But specifically, to the extent you may be following for the music and not my own personal shenanigans, it being done now means it should be on-schedule to release in Sept., maybe Oct. So there's that, for what that's worth.

Anyway, it's been a weirdly euphoric morning where, after those 6 1/2 years, I don't have to fire up the failing computer (still running Logic 9 in Snow Leopard as it was the day this all started) to work on it. 
I haven't felt this way since the summer of 2003, when the last one was also finally 'done' done, but not out yet (luckily for all, that was pre-social media sparing dozens an at-least-equal number of "done!" guesses).

Not sure quite what to do with myself. Maybe I'll dabble in music...