fashionably late to our own unfashionable…

…party, here’s a link for one of the list pieces that Pitchfork ran a week or so back celebrating their 15-year anniversary.

In this one, 15 different writers pick & write a bit about one song from each of the past 15 years. And super flatteringly, for 2003, Ian Cohen picked a chestnut from a demure, coquettish little band of fat balding New Jerseyans to write about. No, it was one of ours.

Again, just one of those weirdly and disproportionately cool things that sometimes happen being in music that make the spotty pay seem manageable. Always have been of a split mind about trumpeting this sorta stuff (notice we don’t have a Press page on our website) but we are irregular band geeks with families and jobs and this made our day. And we figure if you’re here reading this, you’re along on a similar ride so here’s our news of the day.

Thanks as always,

the wrens