..the Wrens' van's for sale.

As the touring cycle for the Meadowlands winds down (kidding, it’s Aug. 2011 and that ended like over 18 hours ago. Don’t be ridiculous).

Anyway, we are selling our tour-modile. It’s in vey good condition (trying to be used-car accurate here) and we’re really only selling because even as touring picks back up again w/ a next record, we’ll still probably be mostly weekends, flying to some of those etc. And to keep it insured – at either preposterous New Jersey or Brooklyn rates – and moving it from one side of the street to the other per the game of alt. side parking, is something of a drain right now.

Here's a stock photo of the type of van (not the actual van) in case you aren't familiar with the model. We can send or post real pictures after Wednesday, Aug. 10th:

And here are the details off the top of my head:

• It’s a White, 2002 Ford Econoline E-350, 15-passenger van. It’s that kind you see every third vehicle on the drive into town for South By Southwest.

• We’re asking $7,000 to which is bluebook value and a little extra to offset the new windshield, tie rods, inspection etc.

• It has about 124,000 miles on it

• It just passed inspection with flying colors

• It has a brand-new windshield

• Brand new front tie rods

• Pretty sure I have copies of all service records (mostly tune-ups)

• The CD player doesn't work and the radio has only two working preset buttons per ‘band’ (so FM1 has two, FM2 has two more, AM has two)

• The bumper is a bit bent and rusty but otherwise fine

• It's in good shape and the body is in good shape, a trusty vehicle all-around

• The rear-most bench seat is out rght now and is in Kev’s garage in NJ. But we we can get that if you want it

It's currently in Clinton Hill / Bed-Stuy Brooklyn (a couple blocks from the G train; 10 minute walk from C or J/M/Z). And if you have any interest, further questions or wanna come kick the tires, feel free to drop us a line via the contact page.

And as always, thanks for your time and we hope everything's going great,

the wrens