Hi, Steve...

Directly from our Betterlatethannever Dept., which is to say, directly from our Everythingwedo Dept., here’s a link to a piece we wrote that recently ran in MAGNET extolling the virtues of a song by Steve Koester (now Two Dark Birds) and a band you never heard of unless you grew up in the same 1980s south Jersey we did, the Magnets.

Advisory notice: with our recording in a slow-motion death-throes finish that makes Rasputin look like a pushover, and with our now-standard real-life & family shenanigans, there wasn’t a whole lot of time put into this. That would normally mean brevity. In our case it means unedited excess (sort of like the state of the current album).

So wrote one article – the Koester one – got bogged down and so whipped out another one, the Magnets one. Lost our way in the woods on that too. So gave up & handed both in and MAGNET was kind enough to mush them together into one Ramblin’ Man of an article, complete with Dickey Betts solo. So that’s a long way of saying it's a tad on the long side.

Get comfy and read on, here.

thanks as always for hanging around,
the wrens