Show - Brooklyn, NY @ Charles solo at Jennifer O'Connor's "Tower of Song" series at the Rock Shop.

More about the show...

Charles will be playing a little differently solo (than the usual loop-happy set, hidden behind a veil of electronics and studio trickery), as part of the wonderful Jennifer O’Connor’s new monthly “Tower of Song” series at the Rock Shop in Brooklyn on Tues. Feb. 8th. Also on this one are the equally estimable Richard Baluyut (of Versus) and Kendall Meade (of Mascott).

It’s sort of a round-robin affair with all four onstage, each playing their songs in a row, maybe talking a bit about them etc…

Then there’s a homework assignment for each performer to write a new song based on a theme (this Tower of Song’s theme is an anti-Valentine’s Day or anti-love song, mostly due the early Feb. show date).

Additionally, each will be covering one of the other’s songs.

Yikes, Charles will probably be closer to a Tower of Unpreparedness and copying of the paper of the singer next to him.