So we made something of a 2.0 plunge...

Ok, so we made something of a 2.0 plunge – we’re officially pointing the way through the woods to our own MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, & YouTube pages, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Some of this is old news (we kinda already launched the YouTube Channel a month or two back).

Some is really old news that we never really bothered to make much to-do about. Like theMySpace Page which we set up a few years back, but not before most of the obvious choices like say, ‘thewrens’ or ‘the-wrens’ or ‘the_wrens’ were already taken. So 'wrensnj’ it is.

Understandably, most of the time we’ve seen a MySpace link for us out there on the wild green fields of the internet, it’s been the wrong one. More hilariously though, and a good measure of how intercoursed Myspace is, if you search for ‘the wrens’ by artist, our page (that is to say, the actual band’s page) doesn’t even come up. Not in all seven pages of 63 results. Not that it matters much, but now it’s official. Myspace-promotion-wise, we’re the photo-negative of the Arctic Monkeys.

Anyhow, some of this is bonafide, even surprising, news. Like us joining the Facebook army. Confounding.

And Twitter, well you know, it’s Twitter.
And we’ve always wanted to dabble in brevity.

All the same, most anything of real importance (to whatever extent the output of band geeks in their middle years is ever of real importance) will still happen here on good ol’ So we cordially invite you to sign up for our mailing list (which really only goes out on special occasions) or to subscribe to our site via the miracle of RSS, the better to keep track of our…leavings.

And so, to kinda kick all this off officially, we’ve put a song on the MySpace & Facebook pages. It's another of Kev’s million or so new-ish demos that MAGNET was kind enough to want to debut earlier this week in their ongoing, highly-speculative and largely fictional Wrens Watch.

It’s called ‘Z’. Yes, like the Costa-Gavras movie .

More on why all the demos lately have been Kev’s, as well as other poop, when we begin…blogging from our site next week.
The Wrens.
Look for a cold August this year.