Kevin bringing the goods

Kevin bringing the goods


Just a little drop-by to say that we’re nearing the end of our run with the Abbey Road t-shirts . The idea here being that, of course, in these iffy econo-times, we want your money.

Kidding (although we would consider a substantial discount for any purchases made with gold brick or antiquities). Really, it’s that rather than ending up with a merch store stacked rafters-high with a line of adult & children’s apparel that would dwarf the racks of your standard J. Crew store, we’re doing these different designs more or less one at a time, ltd. ed.-style. So as in comes this season’s latest Wrens look, fresh from the catwalks of Teaneck, out goes the old.

We do know that’s one of the ways one’s supposed to pull income as a band - by keeping the goods count high - but we’ve always kind of felt that having a merch store with too much stuff, I don’t know…just feels kinda cheap or greedy or something. Then again I've considered approaching advertisers with rates for product placement in future wrens songs (she sends kisses...from Hershey), so take all this with a few grains of salt. And speaking of salt, be sure to check out this week's specials on sea salt and our full line of imported gourmet herbs and spices, in the Wrens' Kitchen Notions department!

Sorry, where was I?Right, we make these

Sorry…where was I? Right, maybe we should also clarify, it’s one or two shirt options at a time because wemake these things ourselves. This isn’t something one of our ‘people’ green-lighted in a closed-door meeting with staff. These are wrens shirts through and through (literally. Kevin wears them to work by the half-dozen to ‘set’ the ink). So with the Abbey Road-wear for ex., Charles designed them, Kev & Greg silkscreened them, and Jerry, to be blunt, sells the shit out of them at shows.
It’s all part of our continued dedication to the now seemingly old-fashioned D.I.Y. aesthetic.

We’ve begun collecting the previous designs in our newly-launched Gallery of Old Wrens Shirts Gone By , just so you can better see what you’ve missed by not being on top of our early-‘90s merch offerings, you poor bastards. Ok granted, there’ll be some gallingly bad shirts there but we make music, not textiles. And we barely do that.