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Okey doke, so first up is an easy one – partially ‘cause we wanna start small and easy, partially ‘cause we’ve had some tech problems getting this all up online this week and partially ‘cause we haven’t figured out how we’ll work the extra on-stage guitars yet.

So this is the piano part that comes in at the end of ‘hopeless’ (track #5 on the meadowlands). Technically, it starts almost exactly at 4’:27” into the song right at the end of the last long two-part harmony held-note thing in the outro chorus although it is a little hard to hear (mixing digital piano on record not being a strong point). But it’s there.

For this weekend – Philadelphia & Washington D.C., 10/27 & 1028 respectively – we’ll take the first folks that email by say tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 (that’s Friday, 10/27), throw the names in Jerry’s said bowler, pick one and email you back before we leave. Sorry for the slapdash last-minute poop, but you know us. And we know nothing.

Again, the email is:


or go to the ‘contact’ page here:

click this large peppermint candy, Gumby

(and be sure to let us know which city you're in and which song/part you wanna try for)

Then by next week, we’ll have more songs & parts up and a more official sign-up email set up. Don’t expect the handwriting to get much better though, sadly.

Thanks very much for playing along…

the wrens

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