...our shore town knockdown sure was fun


Okey doke, here’s song/part #2. It’s the bridge piano part to ‘she sends kisses’ and although it’s not hard to play, it’s more involved and more to remember than say, the one for ‘hopeless’.


Taking you back to those piano lessons you crammed for right before your parents' car left the driveway for the dreaded half-hour, note that although this bridge does hit a few different keys while it lumbers along, the overall song is in F (or dm) so all those ‘B’s are flat, students!

(except in measure 7 for the G Major chord).


Also note that the end – where it goes to the repeated A’s & B-flat’s – isn’t really there on the record. But just figuring that that’ll double the high pingy guitar parts nicely and give you a way to finish out the section.


[11/06/06: someone wrote to ask about the F# in measure 4 – a valid question, since the song’s in Bb and there is no F# in the key of Bb. But in this case, just forgot to add the chord symbol above that measure: it’s a D Major chord so just for that one bar, it really is F#. We’ll add that to the music in a bit. If none of that makes any sense, don't worry - you don't have to know how the engine works to drive the car (thanks, Ian)]


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