Just a brief & less-brief note w/r/t the Esopus project...first the brief. 

The launch party for the ltd. ed. Esopus Foundation/Magazine project I did w/ the bonkers-ly amazing artist Beth Campbell has been re-scheduled for Monday, Dec. 14th, 7:00-9:00 at Beth's studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. And I'll be playing a short-ish solo set including the song Three Types of Reading Ambiguity from the upcoming album, which was the focus of the project w/ Beth. 

Because it's at the Navy Yard and not say, a gallery or club, it's an RSVP-only event so that attendees can get past Checkpoint Charlie at the main gate (not a big to-do, but you must provide a full name and email address for EACH ATTENDEE. Security at the Navy Yard will generate & email bar codes for guests, which should be printed out and brought to event, along with a picture ID). Attendance is also limited to about 75 people.

So if you're free that Monday, come on by but first hit Esopus' much more informative link, a map/directions & the RSVP link [HERE].

That also includes some description on the piece, a nifty podcast we did etc.

Or you can just email " directly w/ the subject line "RSVP FOR ESOPUS 12/14 LAUNCH EVENT" and include name & email address for each guest.

Ok, so the brief v. wasn't so brief. So I'll try to brief-up the less-brief description of the whole project somehow and put that up this weekend (Sat.). 

Until then, thanks as always,
the wrens