Believe it or not

have written & demo’d about a dozen new songs in the last month (one of them nearly above average) and that’s just me (me being Charles). And that's even working around the arrival of Heir #2, who frankly, even for a minus-two-week-old, hasn't lifted a finger to help with the band [edit.: Press photo not avail. Older brother pictured w/ relevant record-o headgear]

Kevin came over last night and we lay our respective demos & full-band tracks on the table and now have a very first early glimpse of how a next album(s) might lay out, itself a first. Have I mentioned he has 100 demos? One of them is also quite good.

With the hammer finally regularly to the anvil of song-smithing, now only need to drop 15lbs, shave my head and buy a decent shirt made either within the last year or not in the last 40...and a musician I'll be. Touring back and forth between the two remaining venues of the ice-covered post-apocalyptic snow-scape of a hell frozen over…you know, because we’d have done a new album.