“Phoning It In’ is a nifty radio show from WMBR in Boston and WBSR in Providence where they have musicians engage in what they describe as ‘live over-the-phone performances and awkward conversation’.

Earlier last winter we did an unplugged performance on “Phoning It In” with Nadav Carmel on WMBR. It was a hoot and we definitely provided our share of awkward conversation and impossibly-long converstional pauses. And we played a few songs (we’re looking for the link for that one as we type this).

But tonight (Thursday, 5/31/07) at 9:00pm, Charles will do a few songs solo-wren-style for the partner show on WBSR with James Brandt.

When we asked James for the best way for folks to listen in, he had three options:

1) live stream by going to:

this stylish link for WBSR.

and clicking either Listen [HiFi] or [LoFi] at the top of the page.

2) [after the show’s over] archive by clicking archives on the side menu, scrolling to phoning it in, selecting a show.


3) driving to providence, RI, having a beer at the pirate bar and listening to 88.1fm

See you all in Providence…