Kind of last-minute thing, but we wrens will be playing on today’s episode of the PRI (that’s Public Radio International, NPR-listeners) show ‘Fair Game’ hosted by Faith Salie.

Wikipedia describes it thusly:

“Fair Game with Faith Salie is a satirical news and entertainment program distributed nationally on PRI. Hosted by Faith Salie, Fair Game covers the important stories of the day and uses insightful humor to tease out what it all means. The show also features newsmaker and celebrity interviews, live music and regular appearances by comedians.”

…so I gues that makes us the celebrity interview – yes!

Oh wait, we’re the live music.

And when I say ‘we wrens’ in this case, that just means two of us: Jerry was 2 over par at an important business meeting and Kev was tending to his many illegitimate children.

So check it – the vocals are iffy! The maraca playing is intermittent! The guitars sound like banjos recorded at a distance!

But we did actually have a really good time and were already fans of the show so it was very nice to be asked on. Faith is pretty hilarious.

In the Big Apple-area, it plays at 8:00 on WYNC.

Fair Game w/ Faith Salie


Thanks…as always