One of the niftier things that happens on the county-wide web is that some folks have – on their own, mind you – made videos for songs of ours. I guess that happens for every band, but we still think we’re special. It’s a mid-life hormonal thing. Like our hot flashes.

But this is a video for the song Per Second Second from the Meadowlands that a young man named John Liang made a couple years back with his company Discreet Films.

By that time though, our website was a semi-abandoned electronic shipwreck, and we were entering the shadowy waters of another ‘self-questioning period’. With snacks.
Ok, actually we really just had a lot of shows abroad that year or something and so had stopped posting here so much, so the video never had a proper unveiling.

Somewhat unrelatedly, hearing the song again for the first time in the longest-of-asses time, it reminds me that one of the goals for this version of the song was to flip-flop the lead & back-up vocals, so that you’d really only hear the back-ups and that hopefully, that would be enough to drive the song, leaving the lead vocal inaudible except on headphones.

Still not sure that the back-ups are up to the task but the lead – you say you want that inaudible except in headphones? Can do.
It actually is in there though and the lyrics can be read & heard, translated from the original Middle English, here.

But so without further hubbub, belatedly, John Liang’s video for Per Second Second.
Thanks again, John.
Total love for the genie.