Or began, actually. As foretold in our mini-comeback-from-the-comeback-that-was-the-meadowlandspost a week or so ago, we did in fact convene in our newly much-improved basement studio last week for our first ‘real’ recording w/ all four of us since…well, the last year that ended in a ‘9’.

Well ok, not counting last winter’s abbey road song that we released last week. That was more of a lark, whereas this is the start of (a least a little bit of) real work in the basement.

So we’d figured we’d post whatever muzak we were able to scrap out of the first get-together and the folks at MAGNET have been kind enough to offer to debut it (you can listen to or download the song here.

It’s part of a recurring piece called the Wrens Watch that MAGNET has been running over the last month or so to coincide with their daring headfirst leap into the late-‘90s end of the pool with their new
‘MAGNET Web Site – Now With html’.

Now, the idea of a Wrens Watch sounds flattering at first – and we were – but the whole thing pretty quickly devolved into a fictionalized conversational j’accuse/name-calling between Eric (from MAGNET) and Charles (from us). An excerpt:

ERIC: I’m waiting.

CHARLES: Waiting for what?

ERIC: ….For your apology, Charles. What do you think?

CHARLES: Hold on a fucking sec. You said you were gonna apologize.

ERIC: No I didn’t. Fine, don’t apologize for being a jerk. But you can apologize to your fans for taking so long between albums. I mean, the first seven-year gap between records was kind of endearing and cute. This one is just kind of pathetic and sad.

CHARLES: You mean pathetic and sad like it taking MAGNET until almost 2009 to have something that resembles a real fucking website? Welcome to the ’90s, douchebags.

ERIC: You kiss your son with that mouth? You probably do, because I can certainly see that you aren’t using that mouth to sing any new Wrens songs.

Yikees. It continues on in much the same vein and while it is pretty funny, Charles doesn’t even know some of those words let alone use them in polite discourse. The actual conversation went something more like:

ERIC: Hey, man, how are you?
CHARLES: Good, good. Thank you so much for asking. How is your wife?
ERIC: Good, good. I was just thinking about you and wanted to check in.
CHARLES: That’s so nice. I understand and reciprocate fully. May the good Lord bless you and keep you as his own.
ERIC: And you as well.

See? Not as good a read. But you know, if it helps MAGNET get a third or fourth subscriber to their RSS feed, we’re only too happy to help.

Anyway…the song itself. We’re still not quite up & running in the studio yet so it’s another “Hey, I’ve got a song, it’s in D” number. All the instruments are in one room blaring into each other’s mics, there was no line check, no one brought the Sousaphone pickup. That kind of thing.
We did have some friends shoot some pictures and make a wonderful video to mark the occasion so we’ll be putting that up a little later in the week.

More to come & thanks as always,
the wrens