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Per Second Second video

One of the niftier things that happens on the county-wide web is that some folks have – on their own, mind you – made videos for songs of ours. I guess that happens for every band, but we still think we’re special. It’s a mid-life hormonal thing. Like our hot flashes.

But this is a video for the song Per Second Second from the Meadowlands that a young man named John Liang made a couple years back with his company Discreet Films.

By that time though, our website was a semi-abandoned electronic shipwreck, and we were entering the shadowy waters of another ‘self-questioning period’. With snacks.



Video for "Boys You Won't"

This past winter, after playing a show in Birmingham (the one in England; we’re playing the one in Alabama in Sept.; we hope to get to the ones in Michigan, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Illinois and the TWO in Indiana asap).

Sorry, anyway, after that show, a smart young man named Peter Butler approached us about doing a video for our song, ‘boys you won’t’.

This is that video.

Basically, we really do encourage listener-made videos. If you bother to do all that work, really, the very least we can do is put it up on our website and let folks see it.


So thanks again, very much, Peter.

Someone get the lights…