...well at least 1% of the way into it

See what happens? With a nod to Kenneth Koch, one brag may hide another.

Last week, after a lot of moral wrestling, we put up a self-congratulatory list of folks that had the Meadowlands on their own respective 'best of decade' lists. And from that, over the weekend, a few people hit up our Facebook page with a couple others we didn’t know about:

First, Pitchfork put the Meadowlands in their Top 200 Albums of the 2000s too. We hadn’t actually heard of this website until now. Pitchfork, is it? I understand it’s fairly popular with the under-50 agricultural set. Well, thank you, “pitchfork”, and hopefully the link above will drive a little traffic your way - we’re always trying to help out newcomers on the alternative and college rock scenes.

Ok really, a great deal of thanks to Pitchfork, for a great deal of stuff. They've been very kind to us over the years - running a lot of news items that barely qualified a such, having us play their first Pitchfork Fest (which was a hoot), stuff like that. And the write-up that accompanies our entry in the list is pretty funny and very nice. So once again, thanks, ‘fork.

Secondly, Chris Campbell at the Huffington Post put the Meadowlands on his own Favorite Records of the Decade list at number…well, it’s ridiculously high. He may have been also.
Seriously, this one’s maybe the biggest honor – I mean it’s the Huffington Post. Finally, all those left-leaning benefits & causes we’ve been a part of have paid off in spades. We’re also now officially sanctioned as both Progressive and more hilariously, as news. Or at least that’s how we like to see it. Hope Arianna accepts our Facebook request now.

Again, all jackassery aside, our sincere thanks. All this has made our week. Honestly.
the wrens