Addendum to the addendum

Again, we don't have a press page and have always been iffy about putting up a whole page of flattering press (also too lazy to go ahead and write that press ourselves). But we were so knocked out that some people had put the Meadowlands on their lists of favorite albums of the decade that that we went ahead and broke our own little convention here and then again here when someone pointed out that we'd hilariously missed Pitchfork.

So now we're kind of stuck on this train (and it ain't a bad ride) and adding two more as an addendum to the addendum:

First, Steve Holtje put us in his Top Albums of the 2000s on CultureCatch, which like the other ones, is just bonkers. It means a lot to us because (1) Steve works at Sound Fix Records in Brooklyn so (1a) he hears a LOT of music and (1b) Charles actually shops there because (1c) everyone there is really nice and there's pretty much zero snob-factor...and (2) because Steve is a wonderful musician & composer in his own right.

And for those of you of the Facebook persuasion, James Bradley also put us in his Top 100 Albums of the Decade. James owns Sound Fix (notice a theme here?). So maybe consider this not only a self-administered back-pat but a plug for one of our favorite record stores anywhere.

Thanks, Steve & James, sincerely,

the wrens