the Schumann did fly away

That’s something our four-year-old says about anything he’s doesn’t want, doesn’t want to deal with or doesn’t want to do etc., and with no real regard for grammatical sense. So as in ‘the dentist appointment did…FLY AWAY!”.
Or “I don’t have to use the potty, the poop did FLY AWAY!”. You get the idea.

Anyway, the Schumann PLL, that great white whale among guitar pedal enthusiasts is sold. And to Jack Black, no less.

Ok, it turns out that it’s not the Jack Black but still, a seemingly fine fellow with the same name at least and frankly, that’s good enough for us.

Let the purchase of even more finish-the-record gear begin! Or continue or whatever…

Thanks to everyone who wrote in about it. More news of the record tomorrow...