Pedalboy nears adulthood…

You play guitar for three-plus decades, you tend to accumulate a few pedals along the way, maybe enough to earn the dumb infantile nickname ‘pedalboy’.

I've been putting off cleaning musical-equipment house for maybe oh...two-and-a-half of those three decades now. But finally starting with this, for some tiny sub-strata of musicianly geeks, the jewel in the crown that is my collection - the Schumann PLL, now for sale. If you have to ask what it is, probably no reason to read on. And definitely no reason to ask how much, since that’ll make us both feel weird. Trust me.

If you do know what it is, you'll also know it isn't available as an impulse-buy at Ash. And that it isn't exactly filed under 'affordable'. Now, I'm of a mixed mind about cashing in on the price inflation of these sort of hilariously collectible (read: overvalued) doo-dads, but in this case, it's the sad & rare case where I've luckily bought short and now need to sell long. Much as I love the pedal, I haven’t ended up using it as much as I’d planned and I could really put the money to better use & towards more practical finish-the-record type things like really good headphones, plug-ins, etc. (besides paying Christmas shopping balances, creating the illusion of income, etc…).

So putting it up here before going the ugly route of Ebay because, on the mathematically improbable chance that there exists someone out there who embodies the unholy trifecta of 1. into our band enough to see this, 2. into this pedal enough to read this and 3. into spending a couple grand to acquire it, I would love for it to go to them.

So yeah, implied & not a typo, selling for… I hope you’re sitting, preferably with a cocktail…$2,000 (incl. PayPal & shipping etc. as needed). Original signed and numbered (#66) cardboard box, one-sheet manual & power adaptor are all included.

Is it worth it? Debatably. Is it cool and unlike pretty much anything else I've had or tried or seen? Without doubt.

I’d really prefer a local sale (I'm in Brooklyn) if only to avoid the knuckle-biting of shipping. From my credentially end, I do have perfect feedback on Ebay as Tippymtcarmel; and am of course am findable here at Tri-County Wrens Headquarters, and our Facebook and Twitter locales.

And as mentioned, am selling partially to finance some recording-type stuff so I’d consider some very specific things to knock down the cash price:
- Sennheiser HD 600 headphones
- AKG K701 headphones
- Yamaha HS10W sub
- Hughes AK100
- baritone horn / euphonium
- maybe some cool 500-series comp, pre or eq

And obviously I love the weird in pedals, so anything along the lines of:
- Moog Freq box
- Synthmonger Pulsemonger
- Mini-Ark
- Digitech XP300
- Electro-Harmonix V256 vocoder

…etc. Try me. But again, this is supposed to be more about reducing clutter so I should really only take one or two things in trade + cash. "Should" but it's flexible. If interested, drop me an

Thanks, as always. And back a little later this week with a year-end wrap up & where’s-the-record update.

Happy Martin Luther King and Inauguration Day.