Attached, please find…

An itemized invoice I sent Kevin, billing him for work done on one of his songs (ok no, not seriously billing him. Althooooough if he cut me a check, I’d probably cash it. For his is a generous personhood, while I am a small grabby man). Greg’s reply to all this: you need to increase your rates.

Really just illustrates both the relative shabby level, and general thrust, of our intra-band mockery & tomfoolery. As well as my own hilariously out-of-date office skillz-set and Word templates.

And really, the song was already pretty wonderful so I may be billing him for making it worse. But that’s business. Especially the cold business of music.

That said, please remit payment in full, Mr. Whelan.

Ok, today’s a work day, back to more song salvage. Update on all that later this week…