Here are the hastily-assembled details for our 20th Anniversary shows tonight & tomorrow.

we’ll be joined by our old friends (literally), 12:01. We played with them exactly 20 years ago when we both just starting out in southern New Jersey.

And per voting consensus, our set list will be some kind of re-ordering of these old chestnuts:

I've Made Enough Friends
North To Nothing
Whats A Girl
Built in Girls
Our Brightest new Year
13 Months in 6 Min
ex-girl collection
I Guess We're Done
Pretty O.K.
13 Grand

We’ll be joined by some new friends on horns on “what’s a girl” and “broken”.

For tomorrow's early show:

we’re joined by (and some of us ‘with’) the wonderful Palomar . Our set is the “meadowlands top-to-bottom” deal so track listing is findable somewhere.
Our special guests include Beth Wawerna of Bird of Youth singing the duet “13 months in 6 minutes”, Lysa Opfer hitting the keys on “hopeless” and Briton Shell covering the baritone guitar part in “ex-girl collection”. Thanks, all.

And for tomorrow's late show:

it’s new song intensive with some old standards. Our friends Bob Fields, a great band from Hoboken with whom we played with many a mid-to-late’90s dive, have graciously reunited to play the show. We are honored.

For all three shows:

we’ll also have a new cd of some very old songs (think pre-Clinton era) and a new shirt commemorating our 20th year. The shirt and the cd cover (which stylishly folds out into a poster) were designed by Phillip of DoubleTriple and the shirts were silkscreened by little ol’ us w/ Phiillip.

Here’s the track listing for the cd:

The French Song (1991)
Soft Castration (1991)
Lips of Blue (1992)
Don’t Be Shy (1997)
Silverware (1992)
6th & Atlantic (1990)
65 (1991)

And finally, we’ll be recording all three shows – a first for us – in the hopes that if we sound passable as our cover band on at least say, 6 songs out of three sets, then we’ll put out a live ep.

Thanks again and happy birthday to us. Oh and to Kevin, who’s actual birthday is today.

the wrens