5th wren

Welcome…..to THUNDERDOME, Raggedyman!

As we’d mentioned last week in the little preview blurb about all this, there are a bunch of songs we either don’t play live or don’t play all that well. In most cases, there are simply too many parts on the recorded versions and we either can’t figure a way around not playing the parts live, can’t cover them with just the four of us or just haven’t gotten around to or felt like rearranging the song yet (like half the other poop we do on-stage).
The solution? Well, maybe rehearsal, sure, but for now…The 5th wren.

So essentially, in the links below are the TAB/standard notation for the extra parts for specific songs – could be a guitar part, could be a baritone, could be a piano etc. – and we’ll be adding more as we go.

Your mission, citizen, should you choose to accept it, is to check the ‘Tours’ page and see when we’re playing a stripmall liquor store near you, and email us here to throw your hat in the ring to play one of parts:


or go to the ‘contact’ page here:

click this lifelike button to get there

(please be sure to specify which song/part and which city/show you’re shooting for)

For now at least, to keep it as shabbily fair as we can without actually trying, we’ll take any email entries up to an arbitrarily chosen cut off date before any given show, throw the names in one Jerry’s bowler hats, pick a lucky, lucky winner and let you know via the electronic mails.

And that person will win my entire chocolate factory.

No…but should you be that luckiest of ducks, then log in the requisite tens of minutes it’ll take to master your part, have that graduation tux taken out a bit, and come showtime, when we get to that song in the set, we’ll call you up on stage, whereby you’ll then strut on up with the confidence bordering on cockiness we wish WE possessed and together we’ll proceed to kick out the funk, motherjammers.
Should be fun.

Now, this is for real insofar as you’re really gonna be playing the part and people will hear you and stuff. But that said, we’re really trying to encourage the non-pro’s out there to sign up if only ‘cause half the reason we’re doing this is that things have gone real well for us in the last couple years (thanks mostly to all of you reading this) and it’s truly a hoot to get up on stage and play songs for an appreciative audience. And we’d like to try to share a wee bit of that.

You should see the link for the songs on the right rail menu right under this ‘5th wren’ one. Or here’s the shortcut for the first:

a hopeless piano part

Thanks as always & best of luck,

Wonka, William

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